Vulnerability training delivered to Reading Pubwatch

8/7/19: This week, thirty two members of Reading Pubwatch attended a training session on the subject of ‘A duty of care for vulnerable people’ presented by the neighbourhood specialist officer PC Simon Wheeler from Thames Valley Police. The interesting and thought provoking presentation looked at the journey of a young woman on a night out in a club who became intoxicated and ended up being sexually assaulted at her own home.

The course programme identified numerous opportunities where friends, bar staff, door supervisors and house mates could have made an intervention to protect the vulnerable female at several stages throughout the evening.

The training package was developed by Thames Valley police and others in response to an horrific incident that occurred several years ago in Newcastle City centre where a young 17 year old girl was raped by three strangers over an hour in an area packed with revellers.

Members were each provided a disc to facilitate the training to their bar teams and door supervisors.

Pubwatch members received a certificate of attendance and will contribute to their participation in the Pubwatch driven Reading Best Bar None scheme. The intention for future meetings is to show the training videos available on the National Pubwatch website.

Story and photographs courtesy of Bill Donne Secretary Reading Pubwatch