When people are banned they will always try to find a way to get the ban overturned or strike back at the pubwatch and sometimes this involves the possibility of legal proceedings, therefore the Pubwatch should consider how they can deal with the possible legal costs that might ensue as a result of a legal challenge or action over a ban.  The best way is to take out a professional indemnity insurance. At Present we only know of two companies that provide this sort of cover to watch schemes and they are shown below, as we find others they will be either notified in our newsletter or via our website.

Regent Insurance Group

All requests for proposal forms for the Regent indemnity insurance must be made to Heather Martin, Regent Insurance Group, Crown House, Augusta Place, Royal Leamington Spa, CV32 5EL, Tel: 01926 468768. Email: Web:

Todd & Cue Ltd

All requests should be made to Lynne Chambers at Todd & Cue, Kingfisher House, Kingsway, Team Valley, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE11 0JQ, UK. Phone: +44 (0) 191 482 7642  Email: Web:


The cost of such insurance will be individually quoted for based on the size of the watch and the levels of cover required.  Please remember you will be expected to provide a copy of your rules, constitution and protocols in order for your proposal to be considered and they will be expected to follow our guidance and any Home Office guidelines.


If you are a small Pubwatch which works to the same protocols and processes of a larger neighbour or one of a number of similar schemes operating in a specific area, you may see an advantage in joining together and negotiating a single insurance cover which may provide significant financial savings.