17/4/20: National Pubwatch logo rebrand

National Pubwatch has been in existence since its launch in 1997. Our original ‘binoculars’ logo was created for the newly formed organisation by a pupil at the LVA school in Ascot.

The work of NPW has developed significantly since those early days and we have decided that now is the right time, to re-assess our brand and look at how we how we might be perceived by the wider community.

We commissioned a design company to find a more professional image for our logo, something that could fit comfortably on the wide range of materials which we provide to local Pubwatch schemes.

We have now chosen the new logo and have started the process of registering it as a trade mark with the IPO.

We’ll let our designers Halogen Creative explain how they approached the NPW brand:

The objective for the new Pubwatch logo was to create an iconic logo that more represented what Pubwatch was about and that could be used on any media and be instantly recognised. We also wanted to create something that publicans would be happy to display in their windows. Clearly the old cartoon design with child and binoculars looks very young and not conducive to a pub and bar environment.

Good branding design is about keeping the design simple. Use only the elements necessary to cleanly represent the business. We started from scratch with a basic eye shape to represent the general ‘watching’ strategy of what Pubwatch is. No more binoculars! We then incorporated the letter P for Pubwatch. This would give the eye more distinction which is vital for any brand.

We experimented with how this combination could blend and depict how Pubwatch works. We looked at many typefaces and letter Ps but they were all too clunky. We decided to simply bring down a swoosh from the eye icon to depict the letter P. We then created a box to hold the icon, to represent the pub. The icon P swoosh, then leaves the box (pub) which depicts the sending of information out and to the next pub.

The final logo works extremely well in being unique, depicting the Pubwatch method of working, and as a strong iconic logo for years to co