25 year old man given Drinking Banning Order

A 25-year-old man has today been given the Fylde coast’s first ever Drinking Banning Order, along with a custodial sentence, following two assaults at a Lytham-St Anne’s nightclub in September. 

Rikki-Lea Mynott, 25, of no fixed address, was today given a twelve-month Drinking Banning Order (DBO) at Blackpool Magistrates’ Court barring him from all pubs, bars and nightclubs in Fylde, Blackpool and Wyre. It is an offence to breach a DBO with a maximum fine of L2,500.  

During sentencing, Mynott was also given a four-month custodial sentence. Both the DBO and the custodial sentence follow his alcohol-fuelled assault of a doorman at The Loft nightclub in Lytham-St Anne’s in the early hours of Sunday 29 September of this year. When police officers arrived shortly afterward following a call from the nightclub’s staff, Mynott then assaulted a female police officer. Mynott’s DBO will come into force upon his release from prison. 

Sgt Niamh O’Donoghue, of Blackpool Police’s Licensing Unit, said; “Mynott has assaulted two people for doing their jobs; the doorman was trying restore order in the nightclub by removing Mynott when he started being abusive to those around him, and then Mynott has assaulted an officer responding to Mynott’s assault of the doorman during the lawful execution of her duty. 

“These actions are completely unacceptable, and we welcome the magistrates’ decision to imprison Mynott. 

“As both of these assaults were fuelled by alcohol, we also sought a Drinking Banning Order. We will continue to seek Drinking Banning Orders in a bid to reduce the amount of alcohol-fuelled offenders who are harming others, as they are a great way to protect the public and licensed premises employees.”