A new round for Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Pubwatch scheme

30/8/2019: Story and photographs courtesy of Midlothian Advertiser www.midlothianadvertiser.co.uk

”Bonnyrigg Pub Watch Scheme” Carole Steel (owner Polton Inn and pub watch chair), Adam Bolton (manager Laird Dog), PC Jonny Cassidy, Michael Dickson ( licensee Calderwood pub) , Gillian Conlin (manager The Chase), Lisa Murray (manager the Royal Oak )

A scheme aimed at tackling bad behaviour in pubs has been re-launched in Bonnyrigg and Lasswade, with 10 licensed premises signing up.

The Polton Inn, Laird Dog, Luci’s, The Papermill, The Anvil, The Calderwood, Lasswade Rugby Club, The Chase, The Royal Oak and Beetroot Bar and Grill have all registered with the Bonnyrigg and Lasswade Pubwatch scheme, four years after the original local pubwatch broke down.

Carole Steel from the Polton Inn is the pubwatch chairwoman. She said: “As a community we want a safe environment for our customers and staff, where they can enjoy their experience in all the pubs and restaurants involved without having to worry about any trouble.

“The scheme isn’t about punishment and is more about making sure everyone who steps foot into any of the pubs involved, is fully aware that any behaviour which compromises the enjoyment or safety of other patrons is unacceptable.

“The response from the local businesses has been very positive and shows the entire community wants to create a safe atmosphere in Bonnyrigg and Lasswade for all of our patrons and the all the staff. The enthusiasm and dedication shown, even in the early stages of the scheme, is proof that we as a community, are ready to work together to create a better experience in all local venues.

“We are all working together to try to create safe and enjoyable venues for all. The hope is that the introduction of this scheme helps to reduce any trouble in all of the pubs.

“We do not want to be continuously barring people and hope that the scheme acts more as a deterrent than a punishment.”

Carole highlighted the importance of having the Pubwatch scheme. She said: “It allows us as business owners and managers to effectively communicate and root out people who are repeatedly causing issues.

“This communication is key to creating a safe environment which is what Pubwatch should be all about.

“No one should go out to socialise and be afraid that they are not in a safe environment and that is why this is such an important thing to have in place. Similarly, staff should not go to work and have to worry about any kind of trouble, and if there is any it is imperative that they are in a position to deal with it effectively.

“The hope is that this motivates people to behave better and be more considerate of fellow patrons. Although, on the hopefully rare occasion that there is trouble, it is important we have a way to effectively deal with those involved and maybe prevent repeat offences”.