Acid and Knife Attacks: Two new first-aid films for Pubwatch members

Would you know what to do if you were faced with a knife or acid attack in your bar? The recent spate of knife crime and to a much lesser extent the use of acid, has rightly caused much public concern. Thankfully both types of crime are still relatively rare occurrences in pubs and bars, but when they do happen, they can have a devastating impact on victims and businesses.

National Pubwatch, in collaboration for South Central Ambulance Service, has produced two new emergency first-aid films which aim to provide common sense advice on how bar staff can reduce injury and prevent the loss of life.

The Acid Attack film follows the existing multi-agency Remove, Remove, Remove, protocol which provides instruction to support first responders dealing with deliberate or accidental exposure to hazardous substances or ‘Acid Attacks’.


The Knife Attack film follows existing good first aid practice; in particular by providing calm and reassuring support to the victim; applying firm pressure to the wound and seeking the early attendance of emergency services.


Steve Baker, Chair of NPW said: “Personal safety should always be the main priority; but we feel that staff can take steps which at the very least will minimise harm. We have tried to make the scenarios realistic and in doing so we appreciate that there is a danger of upsetting some people; but this is a serious issue and staff need to understand what they might be faced with, if a knife or acid is used in their pub or bar.”

Dave Baker, Team Leader Paramedic, speaking on behalf of the South Central Ambulance Service, said: “We strive to save lives and in the unfortunate event that bar staff encounter a victim of an acid or knife attack, we hope that these films will give them the life saving first-aid advice to deal with the incident until an ambulance arrives on scene. We are pleased to support National Pubwatch with this innovative way of delivering first-aid training.”

These new films are the latest addition to the NPW film archive which can be found on its YouTube link. If you have found these films useful then you might also be interested in recent films on Conflict Management and Crime Scene Preservation.