Barred customer assaulted licence holder’s husband

A MAN who was barred from a pub in Trawsfynydd slapped the license holder’s husband across the face when challenged, Dolgellau magistrates heard.

William Harry Barker, 41, now living in Llanaelhaearn, was on a 12-week suspended prison sentence for assaulting a local man who needed £1,300 medical treatment to his teeth when he entered the Cross Foxes Hotel in Trawsfynydd on 16 April with his partner.

Tracey Willingham, prosecuting, told magistrates that the licence-holder’s husband, Endaf Griffiths, reminded Barker that he was barred, not only by the local Pubwatch, but also by the magistrates, and then Barker slapped him across the face.

Mr Griffiths responded by punching Barker several times, fearing he was going to be further assaulted, the court heard.

Defence solicitor Hywel Davies claimed that his client was being harassed in the village.

The crown prosecutor asked the magistrates to make an order to prevent the mitigation allegations being published and the court chairman Alun Pugh agreed and made the order.

Mr Davies said that his client had now moved away from Trawsfynydd to Llanaelhaearn and said that he was complying with the probation service and keeping to a curfew order, rehabilitation and alcohol awareness courses. He asked the magistrates not to implement the suspended sentence and to allow the probation service to work with his client.

“You could add an unpaid hours condition and extend the suspended sentence,” added Mr Davies.

Court chairman Alun Pugh told Barker that on 31 March the magistrates at Dolgellau had issued a suspended sentence and a pub ban on the defendant.

“We are disappointed to see you here today. We made it perfectly clear to you what the suspended sentence meant and I chaired the court that day,” the chairman told Barker.

“Yet within 16 days you took no notice of the exclusion order and assaulted the license holders husband.”

The defendant was sentenced to 10 weeks’ imprisonment out of the 12-week suspended sentence and then imposed a further two weeks’ imprisonment for assault, after the defendant pleaded guilty, making a total of 12 weeks’ imprisonment.

The magistrates also imposed a three-year criminal behaviour order with £80 victim surcharge to be added to the defendant’s fines.

Story and photograph courtesy of Cambrian News