National Pubwatch Star Award – Matthew King

31/1/24: The Central Public House Middlesbrough

National Pubwatch Regional Representative Bill Sproates, presented a Star Award to Door Supervisor Matthew King at the inaugural meeting of Middlesbrough Pubwatch. Matthew is employed by Active Security North Yorkshire.

He was nominated for the award by Kim Beasley Security Manager for Stonegate Group.

He stated that at approximately 4.30 p.m. on Tuesday 5th December 2023. Matthew was working at the Bluebell Hotel Middlesbrough.

He noticed a woman sitting on a bench outside the pub. He went over to speak to her to ensure that she was OK and noticed that she had cuts to her arms and legs and it appeared that she might have been self-harming.

She stated that she was fine but Matthew could see that she also had a head injury so he decided to all 999 for an ambulance. She was very distressed and started to cry. She then left the bench and made her way towards the Hemlington/Colby bypass flyover.

Matthew was concerned for her safety so he followed her and caught up with her when she was walking on the wrong side of the bypass. She was holding onto the rails and looked as she was ready to jump into the oncoming traffic.

He took hold of the woman’s arms and spoke to the 999-operator calling for assistance. She started to shout in distress and at that point another male got out of his car helped Matthew to restrain her. She continued to try and break away and into the path of oncoming traffic.

When the police arrived, they managed to calm her down and back onto the safety of the path. He stayed with the woman until they were able to persuade her to get into the police car and taken to a place of safety. After the incident Matthew returned to the pub and continued his shift.

Kim said: “We have no doubt that Matthews actions prevented her from doing herself serious harm”.

The NPW Star Award is sponsored by HIT Training