Byker Pubwatch works to tackle crime

A thriving pubwatch scheme is joining forces with Northumbria Police to help prevent crime.

Byker Pubwatch scheme has members drawn from 14 pubs and clubs in Newcastle’s east end. They meet monthly with local officers to help keep premises safe for both customers and staff.

Neighbourhood Inspector Ron Charlton, of Newcastle East Riverside, said: "The licensees are keen to help Byker remain a safe place for people to enjoy visiting, to come and socialise in.  

"Bar staff are working with officers to prevent criminals using their premises to sell stolen goods. Staff are being extra vigilant and will use their Pubwatch radios to alert police to any known offenders."

This activity supports the forcewide initiative Operation Soundwave – which tackles acquisitive crime including burglary and shoplifting offenders and is supported by Northumbria Police and Crime Commissioner Vera Baird.  

Insp Charlton added: "We know in some areas thieves visit pubs to sell on stolen property and the support from Byker Pubwatch in barring this practice is appreciated by police.

"We welcome this valuable support from our Pubwatch members and we know this scheme works well. Members meet to discuss ways of improving pub safety for their customers, staff and local communities. They also agree to share information about drunken and rowdy customers. Details of anyone being unruly will be circulated to other scheme members and known troublemakers can be quickly targeted and if necessary barred from pubs in the scheme."

The Commissioner Vera Baird said: "This is an excellent example of a positive partnership between the police and the local community which can have a huge impact on tackling crime and anti-social behaviour in our neighbourhoods.

"We want to reduce underage drinking and rowdy behaviour as this can affect people’s quality of life and this scheme will help to bring confidence to this community."

The pubs who are active members of the scheme include Jacksons, The Heaton Hotel, Grace, Raby, Stags, Woolsington Hotel,  PTE Club, Ship Inn, Turbinia, Butchers Arms, Lord Clyde, Queens Hotel, High Main and Quay club.

New members are welcome and anyone wishing to join the Byker scheme should contact the Neighbourhood Policing Team on 101, extension 69191.

Editors Note. NPW is pleased that we have been able to help Byker Pubwatch with materials for its work. We wish it every success.