Carlisle woman celebrating end of pub ban punched stranger in face

A woman who went out to celebrate the end of a year-long ban from Carlisle’s pubs and clubs finished the evening by punching a stranger in the face.

Amy Leanne Taylor, 30, lost her temper after a succession of clubs and bars refused to let her in. Drunk and infuriated, she pushed over a metal barrier outside Club Rock in Botchergate, Carlisle, magistrates heard. When she was challenged over her actions she lashed out again, punching Charlotte Hampton in the face. In court, Taylor, of North Street, Carlisle, admitted common assault.

Prosecutor Julie Hansel said the victim had been sitting outside Club Rock with a group of friends on August 31 when she became aware of the defendant sitting alone at a table nearby. When she looked in Taylor’s direction, the defendant immediately became abusive and claimed that Miss Hampton and her friends were laughing at her. As door staff were escorting Taylor from the area, she deliberately pushed over a metal barrier, prompting Miss Hampton to walk over to help pick it up.

At this point, said Miss Hansel, Taylor announced that she had been on the city’s Pubwatch scheme – barring her from local pubs and clubs – for a year. Mrs Hansel said: “Miss Hampton replied: ‘No wonder if you behave like that. The best thing you can do is leave.’ Then, out of nowhere, the defendant punched her to the face, connecting with the bridge of her nose.”

Mrs Hansel said the defendant had been drinking that day from 11am and had decided to go into Carlisle to celebrate her first day of being off the Pubwatch ban. She had tried to get into various bars – including Outrageous, Walkabout, and Club Rock – and was turned away at them all. Chris Toms, for Taylor, said: “She’s quite sorry about all of this. She was drunk to the point where she has little recollection of what happened but she accepts what the other people there say she did.”

 Presiding magistrate Tom Lomas said: “Judging by what we have heard, alcohol and Miss Taylor don’t mix. It has been an expensive night out.” Magistrates imposed a L40, fine; plus L50 compensation for the victim, and costs which left the defendant with a bill of L345.

Story courtesy of News and Star