Chester – Pilot of new National Pubwatch window stickers

Left to right: Linda Craggs of Union Vaults, Trevor Pepper, Jenni Haken of The Boot Inn and Brad Hogan of Grosvenor Arms
16/9/20: Chester
NPW Committee member Trevor Pepper traveled to Chester to pilot our new window stickers.
The launch took place at a much reduced gathering of Chester Pubwatch members due to Covid-19  but he was given a warm welcome. Chester is a long standing Pubwatch group and has a strong affiliation with NPW.
Chester has embraced the the new logo and will use it to refresh their message that they are collectively promoting a safe and secure environment for people to work and socialise.
Jenni Haken, Chair of Chester Pubwatch said: “The new National Pubwatch logo presents us with a professional and modern looking image. It stands out and is very clear to see. Pubwatch is a brand that has recognition and credibility in Chester and the new logo with its  strap line ‘Stronger Together’ clearly shows that we are working together to create a safe and secure Chester for our businesses, visitors and workforce.”
Linda Craggs, Vice Chair of Chester Pubwatch and long term member said: “I like the new logo as it stands out very clearly and is easy to point to when dealing with the banned persons or troublemakers who might be trying to gain access to your premises. This new logo sends a very clear message of our intent to work together.”
Jenni Haken Chair of Chester Pubwatch and manager of The Boot Inn.
The new window stickers are now available free to Pubwatch schemes via our ‘Products’ link page on NPW website
The new sticker displayed behind coloured glass at The Boot Inn