Copeland Mayor welcomes Pubwatch relaunch

Whitehaven is bringing back a scheme designed to cut alcohol related trouble in the town.

Whitehaven pubs will be part of a new Pubwatch scheme.

A new Pubwatch scheme is set to be introduced after receiving the full backing of Whitehaven council.

The scheme aims to ensure locals, visitors and staff feel welcome and safe.

Those involved say the scheme reduces crime and can boost the economy.

Pubwatch will mean that anyone banned from one pub is banned from the all and all premises who have joined the scheme are linked by radio.

This radio link between publicans, doormen and the police means that incidences of trouble can be attended to within seconds.

In an interview with ITV Borders Copeland Mayor Mike Starkie has welcomed the re-introduction of the scheme:

“So hopefully it will eradicate a lot of the trouble in the pubs but also encourage the economic development, for other people to set businesses up in the town”.

– Mike Starkie, Mayor of Copeland

Courtesy of ITV Borders 19 August 2015


 Video interview can currently be seen at this link