Cumbrian Pubwatch scheme makes offenders ‘think twice’

17/3/20: Story courtesy of The Westmorland Gazette

Crime reduction: The scheme has been hailed a success.

A SCHEME to reduce anti-social behaviour in a Cumbrian town has been hailed a success.

Appleby Pubwatch has been lauded at a recent meeting of its members after a decrease in anti-social behaviour.

The scheme, which involves about 20 licensed premises in the town, has been running since April 2019.

PCSO Sally Ewbank said: “It is an excellent community safety initiative because not only does it make licensed premises safer and more enjoyable.”

“It helps improve the quality of life for the community in general as the scheme has made people think twice about committing offences due to the consequences.”

There have only been a handful of warning letters sent out to pub goers and there have been no cases where an individual has received a ban since the scheme started.

The scheme can either send a written warning to wrongdoers about their behaviour or ban them outright for up to several years.

A ban means they cannot enter licensed premises in Appleby, Penrith, Carlisle and Alston.