Lifesaving kits to be rolled out in Kettering Pubwatch pubs and clubs

27/11/19: Story and photograph courtesy of Northamptonshire Telegraph

Pubs, clubs and businesses across Kettering will be given specialist kits to help anyone suffering serious bleeding.

A new pilot scheme will launch next month providing venues in the town with bleed control kits after Kettering Pubwatch put up £1,500 in funding in partnership with Kettering Council.

On average it takes an ambulance seven minutes to reach a patient, but bleeding from serious injuries such as those suffered in a stabbing, shooting, car or industrial accident can prove fatal in as little as three minutes.

Bleed control kits can help provide precious time until paramedics arrive at the scene and increase the chances of preventing a fatality, with equipment to immediately control life-threatening external haemorrhaging.

Conor Paige from Kettering Pubwatch said: “If even only one life is saved from the use of these kits, the scheme will have been worth it.”

Kettering firm FS Training, based in Rockingham Road, will provide 24 of the kits and training to staff.

Kettering Council’s head of public services Shirley Plenderleith added that she was ‘delighted’ that the packs will be available across Kettering’s town centre.