Mandatory Conditions and Personal Licence Renewals


Mandatory Conditions


The revised Mandatory Conditions come into force on 1 October 2014. As with the current conditions, these will apply to all on-licences in England & Wales.


The main change is that the availability of half pints, single spirit measures and wine by the glass being available in 125ml, now has to be displayed in a ‘menu, price list or other printed material which is available to customers on the premises’. Finally, if a customer does not specify a quantity of alcohol, then the customer must be made aware of the availability of half pint measures, single measures of 25ml, or 35ml, and a 125ml glass of wine.


The Home Office guidance on the conditions can be found here


Personal Licence renewals


As previously notified, the Government has committed to abolishing the renewal of personal licences, which would have been due 10 years since issue next year (i.e. the first licences granted in 2005 would have been due for renewal in 2015). However, the deregulation legislation enabling this change is not expected to be in place until April 2015 – potentially resulting in those whose licences are due for renewal in February/March having to renew, with the obvious result of extra red tape and cost to both licensees and local authorities.


The Home Office solution, recently announced, is for those with licences due for renewal to complete a short form – with no fee – and return this to the licensing authority. No further action is required to be taken. Once the legislation comes into effect, this process will be discontinued so it is likely only to apply to those with licences due for renewal in January, February and potentially March. More information and guidance is expected from the Home Office shortly.