Masked raider jailed after pub break-in

A raider has been jailed for a masked raid on a pub.

David Neve, 30, of Macaulay Way, Grimsby – was jailed for three years.

Grimsby Crown Court heard the career criminal, who had 46 convictions for burglary, was tackled by a plucky pub landlord who spotted masked intruders in the bar after the alarm sounded.

Neve admitted burglary at the Nag’s Head, Laceby, on October 26.

Anthony Dunne, prosecuting, told Grimsby Crown Court that landlord Mark Coleman was upstairs asleep when he heard the alarm sounding.

He went downstairs into the bar area and spotted an intruder wearing a balaclava and carrying a torch, seemingly trying to disable the alarm system.

Mr Coleman warned him that he had picked the wrong pub to break into.

He saw another flash and spotted another intruder, Neve, near the washrooms. Mr Coleman tackled Neve and tried to remove his balaclava.

Neve told him: “Let go of me. I have got a blade.”

Mr Coleman refused to let him go and continued trying to detain him. Neve broke free and both intruders escaped.

It was discovered that the rear doors had been forced open. A torch and screwdriver were found.

Neve was traced after specs of blood which landed on Mr Coleman’s hand during the scuffle were tested for DNA via swabs.

Nothing was taken during the burglary because it was discovered at an early stage. The alarm had been ripped off the wall.

Mr Coleman later said: “I am just glad they didn’t get into the flat upstairs where my two young boys, both under 11, were asleep.”

Neve committed his first burglary in 1997 when he was aged 12 or 13 and had 46 convictions for burglary.

He had been jailed for four-and-a-half years at Lincoln Crown Court in December 2012 for five burglaries.

Andrew Bailey, mitigating, said nothing was stolen during the raid and there were no serious injuries.

Neve had been released from prison on November 21 last year and had managed to stay out of trouble for a year, “which for him is some progress”, said Mr Bailey.

“Old habits die hard,” he added.

Judge David Tremberg told Neve: “You are a career criminal with a prolific record for house burglary. It was a planned, premeditated offence.

“You acted as part of a team. It’s necessary not only to punish you but to contain you.”

Neve was jailed for three years. He had been recalled to custody already.

Story and photograph courtesy of Grimsby Telegraph

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