National Pubwatch gets a Rep to cover Scotland

National Pubwatch is pleased to announce that Mr Matt Ronan of the Scottish Business Crime Centre will be joining the NPW Committee and that he will have specific responsibility for coordinating the schemes activities in Scotland.

The move follows the successful implementation of the new NPW mapping tool which will allow local Pubwatch members to register their scheme and will in due course provide a comprehensive map of Pubwatch activity across the UK.

National Pubwatch Chairman Steve Baker said “We have seen an increasing demand from local Scottish Pubwatch Schemes for materials from our website so we know that there is a need to provide a stronger presence on the ground. I am delighted that SBCC has agreed to work with us to provide support to Pubwatch members operating in Scotland. It’s to everyone’s benefit that we work together to maintain standards and deal with the small number of individuals who cause major problems in the pub and hospitality Sector.

Director of the Scottish Business Crime Centre, Mandy Haeburn-Little added “We see Pubwatch as playing an important role in helping to create a secure night time economy for people to enjoy. It is also part of the work that SBCC is engaged in with partners to develop the leisure economy within Scotland. We all want to see a safer Scotland to live in, work in and play in. we are delighted to support this and look forward to see it develop. Our congratulations to everyone involved”.