National Pubwatch – on-line survey goes live

National Pubwatch is pleased to announce it has commissioned independent researchers at Leeds Metropolitan University to undertake a study to evaluate the effectiveness and strengths of local Pubwatch Schemes, assess the impact these have on crime reduction and community safety and examine how National Pubwatch can support and guide local Pubwatch Schemes in the future. 

To ensure the research is robust, participation by major Pubwatch stakeholders is key, be they licensees, police, local authority licensing officers or other stakeholders. Participation in the survey is through the following links which provide the opportunity for the major stakeholders to take part in the UK wide Pubwatch Survey and help shape its future.


To take part in the research simply click the most appropriate survey link below:


If you are a Licensee and a member of a local Pubwatch scheme, please click this link


If you are a Police Officer who liaises with Pubwatch schemes, please click this link


If you work for a Local Authority Licensing Department and liaise with Pubwatch schemes, please click this link


All Other Pubwatch stakeholders, please click this link


The research has been kindly sponsored by JD Wetherspoon and the project is due to report in early 2013.