National Pubwatch Scheme promotes the Ask for Angela initiative with its latest film

Have you ever been in a pub or bar when things have got just a little bit ‘weird’ or ‘uncomfortable’ and you didn’t have family or friends around you to offer support and a way of getting home safely? Ask for Angela is an initiative designed to offer support to vulnerable customers who may need help to get out of a bad situation.


Originating from work undertaken by Hayley Child the Lincolnshire County Councils Sexual Violence and Abuse Strategy Coordinator, the initiative has proven very popular and has attracted a great deal of media attention. The Ask for Angela poster and a separate document providing staff guidance have been available to download and print from the National Pubwatch website for some time.


National Pubwatch feels that vulnerability awareness training is an important issue for the pub and hospitality sector and Pubwatch schemes can provide an important focus for initiatives designed to address this problem. We have produced the Ask for Angela film to help promote good practice.


Steve Baker Chair of NPW said “There has been a great deal of public interest in Ask for Angela. We are very pleased to be able to promote the initiative through our latest film and I hope that the ‘tongue in cheek’ way in which we have approached the subject matter will hopefully mean that more people will watch it. However sexual harassment is a very serious issue, so whatever policy you put in place, it’s equally important that pub and bar managers provide staff with the necessary training and support so that they can feel confident in identifying and dealing with vulnerable customers”.


Hayley Child said “Being able to socialise and enjoy yourself in a safe environment is an important priority in Lincolnshire and the Ask for Angela initiative has proven to be very popular and has captured the public’s imagination. I am really grateful for the support given by National Pubwatch in promoting the initiative to the wider pub and hospitality sector throughout the UK”


The Ask for Angela film was produced for us by Mini Mammoth films and features professional actors who play a fictional licensee and his slightly dysfunctional team and their struggle to come up with a new idea to promote their bar as the ‘come to’ place for customers who want to meet in a safe and welcoming venue.


See the film here


We are grateful for the support given by Antosh Samek and his staff at Clayton’s bar in Marlow where filming took place and also for the generous sponsorship provided by Dadds LLP Licensing Solicitors.


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