New joint Ambulance Trust and Pubwatch campaign to reduce assaults and harassment of ambulance staff  

20.6.16 High Wycombe 


How would you feel in our shoes? Step away and let us work


South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) has teamed up with Pubwatch members in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire to promote a new poster campaign to highlight the safety problems faced by front line ambulance staff.


In the past twelve months in the SCAS region, ambulance staff reported that they were physically assaulted 115 times and verbally abused 166 times.


Dave Baker, a Paramedic Team Leader based in High Wycombe said “We are really pleased to be working with Pubwatch on this initiative. Our personnel have to deal with emotionally charged incidents on a daily basis. Unfortunately alcohol or drugs can heighten the tension and intoxicated people can just see a uniform without appreciating  that our sole focus needs to be on the  injured or sick patient. It can be extremely disheartening for our staff to have to worry about their own personal safety when they may be trying to save someone else’s life”.


“I would like to thank the management and staff of O’Neill’s who kindly allowed us to make use of their premises for the photographic shoot and to our local managers for supporting our involvement in this campaign”.


Charlie Abbott speaking on behalf of High Wycombe Business Improvement District Company which manages the High Wycombe Pubwatch said “At a recent Pubwatch meeting our members overwhelmingly supported the initiative and agreed that they would take action to ban anyone who was violent to ambulance staff or disrupted their work. Licensees rely on ambulance staff to provide their employees and customers with a good level of care and we think it’s important that we do our best to ensure that they can work in a safe environment”.


The initiative is being piloted in High Wycombe with the support of National Pubwatch; a voluntary organisation set up to achieve a safer drinking environment in all licensed premises. If the initiative proves to be a success then a generic version of the poster(s) will be made available to all Pubwatch schemes in the United Kingdom.


team image How would you feel in our shoes


Steve Baker Chair of National Pubwatch said “Ambulance staff have a difficult job and can often find themselves dealing with incidents where the patient or by-standers may have been drinking or taking drugs. In such circumstances people do not always act responsibly. Ambulance staff should be able to work safely in the street or licensed premises without having to watch their back”.


“Licensed premises are highly regulated and supervised environments and whilst I do not believe that the blame can be laid solely at their door I think we have to show that we are doing everything possible to minimise anti-social behavior and improve safety for everyone working and socialising in our town centres. I am grateful to High Wycombe Pubwatch for agreeing to pilot this initiative”.


Note to Editors:

All licensees have a Common Law right to exclude (ban) anyone from entering their premises. A Pubwatch ban is a collective decision to exclude an individual from all participating premises in the local area. For more information visit