New NPW Film – Conflict Management

NPW is pleased to announce the release of its latest film on the subject of conflict management. Conflict always has the potential to escalate into violence. We look at some of the triggers to conflict and how a calm and professional approach, might prevent a situation becoming violent.

The main  fictional storyline revolves around a safeguarding issue  involving  a domestic violence incident, but we also look at the problems associated with the common issue of refusal to serve. Refusal to serve is one of the most difficult issues faced by staff working in licensed premises, mainly because of the lack of discretion; because once the need to refuse service has been recognised, the member of staff has no alternative but to follow through with the subsequent action.

We hope this film will provide another useful resource for Pubwatch members to help them in their efforts to create safer drinking environments. Conflict Management and other NPW films can be viewed free of charge on our YouTube page.

Cast and crew

Once again, the latest film has been produced by the professional and enthusiastic team and actors from Mini Mammoth films. We would like to thank the management of Niche Bar Aylesbury for their generosity in allowing us the use of their premises.