New Pubwatch Scheme for Heathrow Airport

The UK’s busiest airport has launched its own Pubwatch scheme as part of its policy to take a proactive and responsible approach to keeping the airport safe and secure for its passengers and work colleagues.


The aim of the Heathrow Pubwatch is to bring together concessionaires, lounge operators, airlines, hoteliers and Police, in order to improve communications and the sharing of information; to effectively tackle and prevent anti-social behaviour, as well as creating safe drinking environments for customers and secure working environments for colleagues.


National Pubwatch has been working with the airport since April 2019 to help establish four separate Pubwatch communities in its airside terminals (T2, T3, T4 & T5). The process is being actively supported by Heathrow Airport Holdings Ltd. The inaugural meetings have been positively received by concessionaires.


Heathrow is keen to point out that disruptive behaviour within the airport is extremely low, with fewer than 40 incidents of alcohol-related disruptive behaviour recorded in 2018. Heathrow has signed up to the joint-industry ‘Code of Practice on Disruptive Passengers’ initiative and the ‘One to Many’ campaign. In addition, it has launched its own actions, which include a new ‘Yellow Card’ warning scheme, sealed bags for all duty-free alcohol purchases and behavioural detection training for its front-line teams.


National Pubwatch Chairman Steve Baker has been working with Heathrow to help establish the airport scheme in line with its existing good practice protocols. He said: “The airport terminals are just like mini town centres and they are a hive of activity 24/7. They obviously have the advantages of good security processes and their own dedicated police presence, but there are many local operational challenges. I have been really impressed with the way Heathrow staff have embraced the Pubwatch model and I know that they understand the benefits that it will bring them.”