New Pubwatch to keep Spalding safer

Sean Packham and Jason Kibble of Ye Old White Horse with Pubwatch co-ordinator Stuart Brotherton

Residents who in the past have feared coming into Spalding at night are being reassured they will be able to celebrate Christmas in safety – after the launch of a new PubWatch scheme.

Twelve pubs and hotels and the town’s Loaded Nightclub have signed up the scheme, which officially goes live at the White Horse Inn on Tuesday December 1.

Pubs should work together to make the town safer. If we can help bring people to the town all the better

Jason Kibble, White Horse Inn

It is being launched by co-ordinator Stuart Brotherton, following the success of the Lincolnshire Chamber of Commerce ShopWatch scheme, which has been helping to down crime and anti-social behaviour at 36 businesses in Spalding and 11 in Holbeach over the past two and a half years.

Mr Brotherton said: “With Christmas approaching December 1 seemed to be the ideal time to launch the scheme and get the message out to people that they will be perfectly safe to come into town and enjoy the festivities.

“I’m delighted so many pubs and hotels and the town’s nightclub are on board.

“It’s about working together to show people they will be safe. No-one wins if people won’t work together.”

Members of the scheme are being issued with digital handsets from which they can alert other businesses of any potentional incidents. They are also linked to the CCTV control room in Boston.

Mr Brotherton illustrated how quickly a business could make contact. Contacting the CCTV control room, he said: “**** *** – this is Stuart Brotherton calling from the Lincolnshire Free Press office.”

Within seconds the control room responded. Mr Brotherton said: “This is how fast it is. The handsets are the same kind as used in the pits at Formula 1 events. We are running an open mic policy so everyone will hear what is going on and be able to respond immediately.

“With the handsets and 24/7 CCTV Spalding has never been so safe,”

Posters and stickers will soon go up at participating businesses, spreading the word abusive language and violent conduct will not be tolerated.

Partners at White Horse Inn Jason Kibble and Shaun Packham are delighted the scheme is being launched at their pub.

Mr Kibble said: “Pubs should work together to make the town safer. If we can help bring people to the town, all the better.”

Mr Brotherton said: “Hopefully people will now enjoy a meal out and go on to visit some of the towns’ pubs. There are benefits for everyone here.”

Photograph and story courtesy of the Spalding Guardian