ProtectUK platform is live

The current national threat level is ‘Substantial – An attack is likely’. Its important that the pub and hospitality trade plans and prepares for the eventuality of an attack.

ProtectUK has been developed by the Counter Terrorism Alliance, a collaboration of three leading organisations: National Counter Terrorism Security Office, Home Office and Pool Reinsurance. ProtectUK also partners with leading government and policing bodies, ensuring the platform has the latest guidance that can help businesses and individuals protect their staff, customers and location.

The ProtectUK platform aims to help businesses prepare and protect their premises, offering access to resources that assist the implementation of security measures that take into account the ever evolving threat of terrorism.

ProtectUK hosts the free award winning Action Counters Terrorism (ACT) Awareness e-learning. The e-learning supports individuals to increase their counter terrorism awareness through recognising how to spot suspicious items, activity and much more.

To visit the ProtectUK platform click here.