Pubwatch digital scheme launched to help reduce anti-social behaviour and public space violence in Chester

A digital scheme to help reduce anti-social behaviour and public space violence has been set up by a Pubwatch group in Frodsham and Helsby with the support of officers from Chester Local Policing Unit.

Pubwatch online – an internet and text message based communication and information sharing portal designed specifically for Pubwatch schemes – has been introduced to help members of the group including licensees and PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers) to better engage with each other and share information.

The new system will help to improve the identification of revellers who cause trouble and prevent them from entering licensed premises. It will also include photographs and information of people who are known for causing anti-social behaviour or violence making it easier for members of the group to recognise them.

The scheme can be operated from and accessed through computers, mobile phones, social networking and real-time communication, which will help to move the Frodsham and Helsby Pubwatch scheme forward.

Working with licenses and Pubwatch is part of the force’s county-wide ‘Street Safe’ initiative, which aims to protect communities from anti-social behaviour and public space violence.

Sergeant Ian Wilson, of Chester Local Policing Unit and responsible for managing the night time economy in Frodsham and Helsby, said: “We fully support the new Pubwatch online scheme, which will help officers and partner agencies work better together to combat anti-social behaviour and violence.

“We want to ensure people who come to socialise in Frodsham and Helsby can do so safely and not have their time spoilt by those who behave violently or anti-socially. Those who choose to drink irresponsibly and cause trouble can expect to be banned from all of the pubs.

“This new online system will give licensees the knowledge and confidence to identify and prevent offenders entering their premises as well as notify all other licensees to give them the opportunity to reinforce the ban too.

“I want to further reassure communities in Frodsham and Helsby that we will continue to make it a safer place to visit and will deal with those who choose to behave or intend to behave badly.”

Pubwatch online will also enable licensees and PCSOs to communicate and share information with neighbouring schemes such as Chester City Centre and Runcorn.

Story courtesy of Cheshire Police