Revised guidance issued under s 182 Licensing Act 2003 – came into force from 13 October 2014. is revised guidance issued under s 182 which came into force from 13 October 2014.

This guidance is provided to licensing authorities in relation to the carrying out of their functions under the 2003 Act. It also provides information to magistrates’ courts hearing appeals against licensing decisions and has been made widely available for the benefit of those who run licensed premises, their legal advisers and the general public.

On Page 121 it says: Planning and building control 13.56 The statement of licensing policy should indicate that planning permission, building control approval and licensing regimes will be properly separated to avoid duplication and inefficiency. The planning and licensing regimes involve consideration of different (albeit related) matters. Licensing committees are not bound by decisions made by a planning committee, and vice versa. 13.57 There are circumstances when as a condition of planning permission, a terminal hour has been set for the use of premises for commercial purposes. Where these hours are different to the licensing hours, the applicant must observe the earlier closing time. Premises operating in breach of their planning permission would be liable to prosecution under planning law. Proper integration should be assured by licensing committees, where appropriate, providing regular reports to the planning committee.