Safer Travel at Night – Transport for London

Safer Travel at Night – an introduction

What is it?
Transport for London run a Safer Travel at Night programme to raise awareness of the dangers of using un-booked minicabs in London.

Why is this issue important?
Every week, at least one woman reports a sexual assault in an un-booked minicab in London.
If a minicab is not booked via a minicab firm office, it is impossible to trace the journey, driver or vehicle.

Who are they targeting?

  • 18-34 year old women, particularly 18-28 year olds
  • They are typically out for a night with friends and are focussed on having a good time – not getting home safely

How you can help?

1. Display the Safer Travel at Night poster

Please place it prominently in areas where women will be gathering on your premises e.g. bar area, ladies’ toilets (wall, doors, mirrors) etc.

2. Help communicate the following messages to the public:

  • Get home safely. Book a minicab in advance (via our Cabwise app, over the phone, in person, via email or text) with a licensed minicab firm office – this means your journey, driver and vehicle can be traced
  • A booked minicab is not
    • a driver who approaches you on the street
    • a driver you approach on the street
    • someone with a clipboard organising minicabs outside a club or bar
  • Download the free Cabwise app so you can book a cab in 3 easy steps

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