In light of the recent terrorist outrage in Paris we think that bars and clubs should be reminded of the recent advice given during National Counter Terrorism Awareness Week.  

Crowded Places, which can include bars, restaurants and night clubs, may be vulnerable to a range of criminality including terrorism. To keep people safe, businesses secure and to minimise disruption, you may take measures to reduce your vulnerabilities to this type of crime.

This information provides counter terrorism security advice to those who own, operate, manage or work in bars, pubs and nightclubs.

Basic Good Housekeeping reduces opportunity to place suspect packages and helps to deal with false alarms and hoaxes. Consider the following:

• Search your premises (inside and out) before, during and after opening hours.

• Remain vigilant during opening hours.

• Ensure your emergency exits are secured when not in use to prevent unauthorised entry past any screening regime you have in place.

• Check toilet areas regularly for unattended or secreted items

Evacuation responsibilities and roles must be clearly communicated to staff, routes and exits must be well defined and evacuation plans exercised regularly.

• Remember it may be safer to stay inside the building if the threat is outside.

• Consider the possibility of a multiple attack and the need to move people away from other areas of potential danger, which may include glazing.

• Use a different assembly point for the evacuation of fire and terrorism incidents; terrorism will need to be further away. Consider reciprocal arrangements with another business.

CCTV can help clarify if a security alert is real and is often vital in any post-incident investigation. If you operate a CCTV system, ensure that:-

• Date and time stamps are accurate and the system is well maintained.

• Recorded images of people and vehicles are clearly identifiable and retained for at least 31 days.

Reporting suspicious activity is vital in the effort to combat terrorism. Vigilant staff will notice suspicious activity or behaviour.

If you have suspicions about somebody’s activities or behaviour, call the Anti-Terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321.

If you have information that requires an urgent or immediate police response, always dial 999.

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