Showing live sports in your pub or bar

The match schedule for the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament is due to re-commence on 11 June 2021. England are playing Croatia on 13 June.

It is obviously still too early to say if the showing of live sports in pubs or bars will be permitted. However, if lockdown conditions are relaxed, its unlikely that licensees will receive much in the way of prior notice.

If you do intend to take advantage of any opportunity to show live sports in your venue then you may benefit from reading the excellent guidance previously issued by the British Beer and Pub Association in respect World Cup and Euro competitions. An example of guidance can be viewed here.

To assist Pubwatch members, NPW has produced a short film entitled ‘Showing live sports in your pub and bar’. Viewers should remember that planning for such an event should be undertaken with due regard to current COVID-19 regulations and government advice. The film can be viewed on the NPW YouTube page or using the link here