Sobering Up

 The successful partnership role played by Pubwatch in tackling problems associated with binge drinking is highlighted in a report issued by Demos, which describes itself as Britain’s leading cross-party think tank. The report which has the strap-line ‘Sobering Up’ states that local partnerships are fundamental in tackling Britain’s drinking culture.


It  focuses on the fact that Pubwatch creates good communication links between pubs and the police, which can lead to a quicker response when there is a violent incident and that pubs, can ‘warn each other about troublemakers moving their way’. In particular it states that the Metropolitan Police ‘refers to statistics showing a decrease in violent offences across the areas where a Pubwatch scheme is in operation’. This will be of no surprise to anyone who has read the recent Leeds Metropolitan University evaluation of Pubwatch commissioned by NPW.


The full report which was written by Jonathan Birdwell, Ian Wybron and Emma Vandore can be found on the Demos website


Unfortunately the authors of the Demos report did not consult us during the research for this publication otherwise we would have given them our correct contact details!