The New Pubwatch Evaluation Toolkit

The new pubwatch evaluation toolkit is collaboration between NPW and Leeds Beckett University and has been funded by Portman Group on behalf of the Social Responsibility Alliance.

 We think that it is important that schemes take steps to evaluate their impact and progress from an early stage. It will show that you make a real contribution to dealing with local crime and disorder issues. It will also demonstrate to other stakeholders and potential funders that it is worthwhile investing time and effort in supporting your work.

If you have never carried out this type of research or believe that you lack the skills then the process may appear daunting but we suggest that you enlist the help of the local police or community safety partnership to see if they might provide you with professional support.

Whilst a pubwatch scheme is run primarily for the benefit of its members it must be recognised that it does not operate in a vacuum. Many other factors may be influencing local crime trends so we believe that it’s in the interest of the wider partnership community, including the police and other best practice schemes to share information.

The team at Leeds Beckett University are currently piloting the toolkit in a small number of areas and will be advising NPW on possible improvements and how we might support the evaluation process in the future.

To access the toolkit please click here