Wellingborough Pubwatch door staff to wear body cameras

John Cable, Gary Ashton and Sanjai Tailor with the camera that door staff in Wellingborough will be wearing

Members of Wellingborough Pubwatch are to issue 20 body-worn cameras to door staff working at pubs and clubs in the town in an effort to reduce crime.

Pubwatch and Wellingborough BID have joined forces with police and Wellingborough Council to roll out the initiative after a successful trial run.

The Wellingborough Community Safety Partnership has raised L11,000 for the project, which was officially launched this week.

The project is part of a bid to tackle the crime and anti-social behaviour associated with the night-time economy, and help promote a safer environment for the people who socialise in the town.

Wellingborough Pubwatch spokesman Sanjai Tailor, who owns Raff’s Bar, Temple and The Kingfisher, believes the move will make customers feel safer.

He said: “The cameras will capture images as well as audio and will be able to identify the build-up to any incident, which is really beneficial.

“It gives us a tool for evidence in case something happened and means our customers will feel a lot safer.

“It’s really forward-thinking and after a successful trial it’s left our door staff reassured.

“This project really enhances the cohesion with the police.

“Crime in the town is very minimal but by being proactive it shows the commitment we have to increasing the safety of the night-time economy.”

Chief Insp Gary Ashton, district commander of the north of the county, feels the move is a great initiative.

He said: “The cameras are working off the same basis as CCTV footage and will help in any legal case.

“Night-time crime in Wellingborough is not a problem but inevitably there are concerns when there are people out drinking.

“It is a safe place to drink and bring your family and this move robustly supports the economy.

“This is a great initiative and one the police fully support.”

Wellingborough BID executive director John Cable says the move will reassure people of their safety.

He said: “Wellingborough has a reputation of not being the best for safety but that is simply untrue.

“If you look at the crime figures it is safe and these cameras will help reassure people.

“Through sponsorship we’ve managed to bring the cost of the cameras down from L550 each to L125 and it’s a big move for the town.

“We’re involved in this in the same way that we’ve involved with the drug dogs and radio system and we’re delighted to be a part of this move.”

Story and photograph courtesy of Northants Telegraph www.northantstelegraph.co.uk