Please note that Schemelink is a commercially operated facility which is not part of National Pubwatch. National Pubwatch does not benefit financially from Schemelink and we are not responsible for the content of external internet sites.



Schemelink (formally Pubwatch Online) is a commercially operated mobile app / website consisting of a suite of dedicated functions to help manage & operate schemes with better efficiency & effectiveness with very low costs. It includes a ‘whatsapp’ like chat facility and also instant access to details and photographs of individuals who have been banned from entering licensed premises by Pubwatch schemes.

This efficient system for communication and data access helps strengthen the enforcement of the Pubwatch Scheme initiative and is of particular assistance to Police and other agencies seeking to make resource efficiencies.

The old and inefficient way of manually distributing offender information by the police is greatly improved upon by use of this real-time, on-line service allowing Licensees to keep in touch with one another and access critical Pubwatch information.

The system is already accessed by many pubwatches, council’s and police services throughout the UK and has been designed to meet all the essential requirements of the Data Protection Act.

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Please note National Pubwatch is not responsible for the content of external internet sites.