Looking to join a pubwatch?

If you have recently taken over premises operating under a premises licence and would like to get involved in the local pubwatch then you should either contact the local National Pubwatch representative to see if we know of a watch in existence in your area that we can put you in contact with.  As there is no requirement for Pubwatches to notify us of their existence it maybe there is no watch shown in our records, so a double check with your local Police or Local Authority Licensing Officer will be necessary as they will know if one is operating in your area.

Interested in starting a watch?

If you are interested in starting a pubwatch in your area we can provide you with material and advice on how to go about it and what things you need to consider when setting up.  Your first step should be to contact the representative from our Committee that is shown for your area.  He or she can then talk you through the process provide material and access to other items that will support you in this, they may also be able to attend you inaugural meeting and help explain what needs to be done and how the watch should operate.  The final decision on how the watch will operate is always a matter for the individual watch and National Pubwatch does not have any regulatory or controlling role in the activities of the watch.

Involved in a pubwatch or holding office in one?

If you are a member of an existing pubwatch or have been elected as an officer in a pubwatch and you want some help or advice on an issue then try our FAQ’s page and if this cannot help then contact the National Pubwatch Representative for your area shown on or contacts page.


If you are looking for materials or badging for your watch then there are items provided via the products page that you can obtain, all are FOC thanks to the on going support of the British Beer & Pub Association.