New CitizenAID link on NPW website

National Pubwatch is pleased to support the work of CitizenAID; a UK charity who’s aim is to empower the public to save lives.

Pub and bar staff can often find themselves on the front line when dealing with life threatening injuries. National Pubwatch has responded to this issue by producing two specific films related to knife and acid attacks. The films can be viewed on our YouTube page.

At our annual conference in Cardiff, we ran a workshop to examine the issue of knife attacks, from the perspective of security, emergency first aid and police investigation. The emergency first aid element of the workshop was delivered by Andrew Thurgood of CitizenAID.

CitizenAID has produced a free smartphone app which provides a simple to use, step-by-step guide on how the public can act to stay safe and save lives. We have provided a direct link to the CitizenAID website which can be found on our home page.