National Pubwatch are able to provide free supporting material to pubwatches in the following forms:-

Good Practice Guide

This has been produced to provide good practice advice. It is not a set of rules. It will help a pubwatch set up systems to avoid potential legal pitfalls and provide a working structure for operating.  NPW also provides generic documentation, such as a banning letter, which can be adapted for your local needs.


The Guide is restricted and as National Pubwatch retain the copyright, Pubwatches and licensing officers wishing access will have to obtain a username and password in order to access and download this item in Microsoft Word format. Please do not post this document on internet as it may be revised in future.


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    (NB. Please note that this is access to documentation regarding Pubwatch only. If you just need general good practice advice use the link to the ‘Good Practice Pub’ or our YouTube films on Home page)

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    If you already have a username and password click here.


    These posters have been designed for the use of local Pubwatch schemes and are free to download and copy. National Pubwatch retains the copyright to the design.

    Click here to view the posters


    We can provide small batches of hard copy posters. Email admin via this link PROVIDING FULL CONTACT DETAILS and WHAT YOU REQUIRE


    Policy Documents

    A range of policy documents, developed in partnership with Best Bar None to help in the good management of your venue

    Click here to view the documents



    Guide to setting up a Pubwatch

    Download the guide by clicking this link



    Vinyl Window Stickers

    Vinyl window stickers of the National Pubwatch logo are also available and these can be obtained by emailing your postal address and numbers required to admin via this link



    Challenge 21 poster

    ‘Challenge 21’ is part of the industry’s programme to address the issue of sales of alcohol to under age people by making it the norm to challenge everyone who buys alcohol in a pub, club or off license who appears under the age of 21 to produce proof of age.

    The poster that has been produced for this campaign is available to download here in PDF format for use.Download a Challenge 21 Poster here.


    Challenge 25 poster

    In Scotland the licensing law changed in 2011 and a Challenge 25 policy is mandatory.Download a Challenge 25 Poster for Scotland








    A copy of such a poster is provided for download the benefit of off trade premises in England and Wales that may have a Challenge 25 policy by choice.

     Download a Challenge 25 Poster here.




    BBPA Managing Safety in Bars, Pubs and Clubs

    BBPA GuideThe BBPA have produced a brief guide to help you review all of the risk management practices at your premises, with some useful advice.


    Information on how to use the guide | Download the Guide


    Kegwatch PosterHelp stop the trade in stolen kegs by displaying the kegwatch poster, over £9million worth of kegs recovered in the last 12 months through this scheme.


    Download a poster here


    Ask for Angela

    An initiative to provide support for vulnerable customers.  National Pubwatch has provided a free interactive film for training staff and developing a Supporting Vulnerable People policy. Ideal for team training days. There is also a free e.learning module on alcohol vulnerability which is made available through a partnership with drinkaware. The module is ideal for individual learning and successful completion provides a certificate to aid users continuing learning development.

    The poster is available here ask_angela.pdf



    How would you feel in our shoes?

    An initiative to provide support for ambulance staff.  To see advice provided by NHS Protect see NHS Protect

    The poster is available here: How would you feel in our shoes?