Malcolm Eidmans Award

National Pubwatch welcomes nominations for this award. Whilst we can’t guarantee that we will make an award, we promise that we will look carefully at your nomination. The nomination process is simple but please ensure that you provide verifiable information. To make a nomination click here.

The award is named after ex Chief Superintendent Malcolm Eidmans QPM, a founder member of National Pubwatch who died prematurely in 2012. The aim of the award is to recognise the outstanding contribution made by a Police officer or member of Police Staff in supporting the work of their local Pubwatch scheme.

Roll of Honour

Simon Hay – Swindon 2023

Left to right: Sergeant Simon Hay and ACC Dave Minty

Police Sergeant Simon Hay has been rewarded with the top accolade of a National Pubwatch Malcolm Eidmans award, sponsored by Poppleston Allen.

The award recognises the outstanding contribution made by a police officer or member of police staff in supporting Pubwatch.

Simon has worked with Police Scotland for the last 14 years and is a native of the Orkney islands.

In 2018, whilst working as the Preventions and Interventions Officer, Simon was asked to assist the existing Orkney Pubwatch centred in the main town of Kirkwall.

He sought assistance from National Pubwatch and used its documentation to help improve the governance and processes of the scheme. He attended meetings on a regular basis and encouraged people to join the scheme, explaining the benefits of membership.

He then successfully sought funding from the Orkney Alcohol and Drugs Partnership for a new Pubwatch website. The website contained a secure messaging facility for members which provided amongst other things, a banning matrix and an anonymised voting process. Something crucial in a small place such as Orkney.

He also secured funding for mobile phones to be provided to Pubwatch members and the Police to improve operational communication.

He encouraged licensees in the town of Stromness, to become involved. And now venues in the Western Isles are utilising the blueprint of the Orkney website to start their own scheme.

Angela Crawford, the former Chair of Orkney Pubwatch said that Simon is passionate about the island and the local Pubwatch scheme. She describes him as a “forward thinker” and credits him with re-energising the scheme and taking it to the next level.

Inspector David Hall, who nominated Simon for this award, said: “Simon’s work has not only ensured that licensees are able to play a full role in reducing anti-social behaviour but he has also created a strong working relationship with partners.

Simon said: “I am absolutely delighted. This award is a brilliant thing – not just for myself but for the Orkney Pubwatch.

“It is good to get the recognition for all the hard work that has been put into this.”

Hayley Crawford – Nottinghamshire Police – House of Lords 2022

Left to right: Steve Baker OBE Chair NPW, Lord Kennedy, Inspector Hayley Crawford, Nigel Connor JD Wetherspoon

Inspector Hayley Crawford who founded ‘Ask for Angela’ has been given a National Pubwatch Malcolm Eidmans award, sponsored by JD Wetherspoon.

The award recognises the outstanding contribution made by a police officer or member of police staff in supporting Pubwatch.

Hayley Crawford, was a civilian when she was employed as the Substance Misuse and Sexual Violence (prevention) Strategic Coordinator for Lincolnshire when she created the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign. However, she joined the police on its direct entry scheme and is now district policing commander in Bassetlaw, North Nottinghamshire.

‘Ask for Angela’ is a simple but clever concept to reduce vulnerability in the pub and hospitality sector. It works by providing a ‘safe word’ – which customers can use to seek help.

The initiative has been so successful it has received international attention and has been taken up in many countries, including the United States, Australia, Argentina and Germany. In 2017 Hayley was winner of the Suzy Lamplugh Safety Campaign of the Year Award.

“When I initially put it in place it was one scheme within a bigger campaign I was doing at the time. It was just one of the resources for the night time economy. I launched it initially in Spalding, Lincolnshire and then took it out to Lincoln City and across the rest of the county,” said Hayley.

The idea around the concept at the time was to help people that were out and feeling vulnerable, particularly those online dating.

“There was a lot of people I was hearing about who were going on dates and not telling people they were going on an internet date because they were a bit embarrassed.  What we were seeing in Lincolnshire at that time was people too embarrassed to report that they had been sexually assaulted after an internet date.”

Hayley worked closely with her local Pubwatch schemes to introduce the initiative into pubs and bars and the ‘Ask for Angela’ poster started to be displayed in venues.

At an early stage National Pubwatch saw the benefits of this new approach to customer safety. They contacted Hayley and she generously allowed them to make use of her original poster. Since that time National Pubwatch has promoted the initiative across the UK and it has been taken up as good practice by many individual venues and Pubwatch schemes.

The Ask for Angela poster has been downloaded over 15,000 times from the National Pubwatch website and many thousands more have been distributed in hard copy. The initiative continues to form an important platform for the vulnerability materials and training provided by National Pubwatch.

On winning the award she said: “I am I am delighted to have won and it makes me feel that I have contributed to policing and helped them before I even joined as a police officer.”

Chief Constable Craig Guildford said: “Insp Hayley Crawford has made a substantial contribution to policing and community safety as a dedicated public servant. Uniquely she has delivered on behalf of the public as a local authority officer and as a police officer. She singularly created the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign whilst working for Lincolnshire County Council which made a national contribution to the aims of National Pubwatch and she still supports its development.

“Of late Hayley joined Nottinghamshire Police as a Direct Entry Fast Track Inspector where she has continued to take personal ownership for local problem solving. She is a dedicated neighbourhood Inspector in Bassetlaw, North Nottinghamshire where she has put her invaluable experience from community safety, problem solving and crime prevention into practice. She is a keen proponent of the Pubwatch scheme and works closely with local partners to maximise the benefits it brings to the community.”

Ian Graham – Metropolitan Police – Nottingham 2022

Ian Graham and Chief Inspector Amy English Nottinghamshire Police

The prestigious Malcolm Eidmans award has been given to Ian Graham, Chief Licensing Officer at the Metropolitan Police.

The award, named after ex-Chief Superintendent Malcolm Eidmans who was a founder member of National Pubwatch, recognises the outstanding contribution made by a police officer or member of police staff in supporting the work of their local Pubwatch scheme.

Ian, who joined the Metropolitan Police in 1989 moved to its Central Licensing unit in 1993, was nominated for this award by David Lucas, the chair of Nottingham Pubwatch and member of the National Pubwatch Committee.

His nomination was strongly supported by Chief Inspector John Evans; Gary Grant a Barrister and Vice Chair of the Institute of Licensing; Rita King CEO of the Safer Business Network; John Miley Chair of the National Association of Licensing Officers, Andrew Green, Policy Manager of British Beer and Pub Association and Sylvia Oates Best Bar None Manager.

Ian’s views are sought extensively by practitioners involved in the administration of the licensing system and he has the respect of regulators, operators and those who advise them.

He has been an advisor to the National Police Chief Council Licensing & Alcohol Harm portfolio lead for several years and currently Co-Chairs the NPCC licensing groups.

He is a fervent supporter of effective partnership working with unswerving support for the Local Alcohol Partnership Group, which includes National Pubwatch and Best Bar None.

David Lucas said that during Ian’s time with the Licensing Unit he has acquired a working knowledge of the licensing regime which is “second to none.”

Chief Inspector Evans praised Ian’s leadership, his clear and consistent messaging and the reassurance he provided to the pub and hospitality sector and other stakeholders during the Covid pandemic. He also highlighted Ian’s significant contribution to vulnerability training through the WAVE programme and the recent rollout of the Ask for Angela initiative across London.

He said that Ian “is one of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate people in the licensing field you will ever meet.”

Gary Grant said: “For Ian, partnership working is more than simply a fluffy phrase or aspiration. He means it and acts it out on a routine basis. There are few police officers who have gone to the effort to really understand the challenges faced by licensed premises, by local communities and by the regulators, local authorities and the police.”

Ian said that to receive the award was an “absolute honour” especially as he worked and knew Malcolm Eidmans before his death in 2012.

“I knew Malcolm when he was the Chief Superintendent at Charing Cross. He would only do something if he really believed in it and he was part of National Pubwatch,” said Ian.

“He wasn’t backward in coming forward, he spoke his mind, he was honest, you knew where you stood with Malcolm – he was a true professional. To even be linked in the same breath as someone like Malcolm Eidmans is of course a real honour and I am really appreciative.” 

Kate Purves – Northamptonshire Police – Cardiff 2020

Left to right: Kate Purves & Lord Kennedy

Kate is Crime Prevention Officer with Northamptonshire Police. She was nominated by Terry Steers the Chairman of Northampton Pubwatch for her work supporting the scheme.

He stated that her involvement in Northampton Pubwatch began in 2001. At that time, she was employed as a Community Safety Officer and assisted the town centre sergeant responsible for policing the night-time economy, to set up the local scheme. Following the inaugural meeting she took responsibility for developing policies and procedures for the scheme, some of which have been utilised by National Pubwatch in developing its own good practice documentation.

Kate provided secretarial support for the fledgling scheme. In the early years this was part of her police role; but as time moved on her responsibilities within the police service had a different focus. However, her passion for the Pubwatch scheme was such, that since 2011, she has maintained secretarial support in her own time.

She has provided support and guidance to a number of incoming Chairs to ensure that the scheme is well run and compliant for data protection. She understands the difficulties if maintaining impartiality due to her employment in Northampton Police and carries out her role with integrity.

Kate has been responsible for introducing numerous local initiatives to improve safety in the night-time economy and she has promoted Pubwatch as part of her roles in Community Safety and latterly Crime Prevention. Many of the initiatives were key to helping Northampton win the National Pubwatch annual Pubwatch Award in 2012. For example, she runs a regular ‘Pubwatch’ stall at the University of Northampton Freshers Fair to target vulnerable 1st year students, engaging with them to promote a ‘safer night’ ethos.

Terry says: “Kate has been the backbone of Northampton Pubwatch since its inception. Her tireless efforts ensure that the scheme runs smoothly and has been integral in making the scheme a success. She has dedicated her personal time to Pubwatch, alongside her crime prevention work, sometimes even replying to emails and doing admin work into the early hours. Personally, since taking over as Chairman, Kate has been invaluable in guiding and teaching me how to fulfil my role. Without Kates advice and guidance, I would have been lost taking on a job I had never done before.”

The nomination was supported by two former Chairpersons; Neil Bartholomey and Paul McManus.

Neil described Kate as: “The glue that kept the Watch together and ensured that the things that needed to be done, were done before we even thought about them.” Paul said: “Each Chairman over the last 18 years have been given a smooth induction, because Kate is there by their side, steering them steadily along the tricky path they navigate.”

Former Police Licensing Sergeant Martin O’Connell stated that the success of the Pubwatch partnership was down to Kate Purves dedication and that her knowledge and skills were important to implementing projects that benefited the night-time economy. In addition he said: “On top of that, Kate gives up hours of her own time, alongside work and family commitments, sometimes into the early hours, to the general administration of Northampton Pubwatch; without which I truly believe that the scheme would not function in the way that it has for many years.”

And finally, National Pubwatch Regional Representative Mark Worthington highlighted Kates commitment and hard work over many years in supporting the local scheme and that she is thoroughly deserving of the award. He said: “She is a credit to Northampton Pubwatch and I do wonder what will happen, if and when she decides to leave the scheme; she has extremely large boots to fill.”

Simon Wheeler – Thames Valley Police – Chester 2019

From left Steve Baker Chair NPW, Superintendent Stan Gilmour, Reading Mayor Debs Edwards and PC Simon Wheeler

Simon was unable to attend the Chester conference due to family illness. He received his award at a special ceremony in the Mayors Parlour, Reading Council Civic Offices on 23/4/19 

Simon is a Neighbourhood Officer for Thames Valley Police. He has been the police liaison officer for the Reading Pubwatch Scheme for 10 years.

He was nominated for this award by Inspector Gassan Shaladan, who stated that Simon has been instrumental to the progression of Readings Pubwatch, the strengthening of relationships between the police and licensed premises, and the town’s success in achieving a Commendation in its Purple Flag accreditation.

He specifically praised Simon for his leading role in the implementation of the ‘Hub’, which is a safe space facility, located in the Reading Minster, and his forethought to obtain funding from the Business Improvement District, which provided much needed security cover for people working at the centre.

He also highlighted his work to provide town centre venues with a Friday night intelligence briefing at a local branch of McDonalds. This initiative has seen Pubwatch members benefitting from regular security updates, including offender images together with warning markers.

His nomination was supported by Sally Leonard, the Reading Street Pastor Coordinator, Alexa Volker the BID Operations Coordinator and Inspector Sarah Sanderson, who says his ability to bring everyone together in partnership and his commitment to the role is demonstrated by the success of Reading Pubwatch.

Lastly Rob Kennedy, the Chair of Reading Pubwatch said:

“Simon has been intrinsic to the police support of Pubwatch over a sustained 10-year period. In 2015-16 Reading Pubwatch was at breaking point and we had no manageable controls in the town centre, and I would say it was from this period that Simon really fought hard to getting some of the larger venues and personalities to support the night time economy.

During this period, Simon was key to rebuilding Pubwatch with systems in place which were strongly supported by the police; the town centre Hub initiative; Street Pastors and the electronic messaging system.

As Chair of Reading Pubwatch it is great to have such a forward-thinking police officer on side, with his support for the night time economy and a real pleasure to work with”.

Kevin Roberts – West Mercia Police – Nottingham 2018

Chief Constable Craig Guildford Nottinghamshire Police and PC Kevin Roberts

Kevin has worked as a licensing officer in the Shrewsbury area for the last 5 years. He supports the work of the Shrewsbury Pubwatch scheme as an advisor and provides practical assistance such as carrying out crime reduction risk assessments and advice on event management and helping to review emergency plans. He has helped to upskill door supervisors with a number of training events on subjects such as anti-terrorism, conflict management, report writing and riverside safety.

He has worked closely with the Pubwatch Chair and BID manager to manage information between members and to ensure that licensees and door staff are updated with current intelligence to ensure the smooth running of events.

James Hitchen Chair of Shrewsbury Pubwatch says: “Kevin is a key player in our Pubwatch, allowing us to manage our own affairs but providing good advice and support. On event days he is normally out and about on the ground talking to door supervisors and licensees and keeping us updated. He has worked with us and the BID to successfully secure Purple Flag status. Much of our success is down to his partnership approach to policing”.

Aleks Vladimirov BID Manager says: “Kevin has helped me to understand licensing and I believe that the growth of the evening economy is very much down to our partnership approach. He has also helped me to work closely with Pubwatch as one of key partners. He has supported us with training events that has helped to professionalise door supervisors and licensees within the city centre. For example he recognised the risk that the river plays to our visitors and has helped develop ‘line rescue’ training and provided emergency rescue equipment at some riverside venues. He has also provided scene management training and provided incident kits that are now available to door staff and response officers when needed”.

Sergeant Simon Morris says: “Kevin was instrumental to shaping my attitude and approach to licensing as a new neighbourhood sergeant. His dedication and partnership approach to working with the Pubwatch and BID is key to the success of Shrewsbury town centre. I am proud to be his line manager and I fully support the nomination”.

Paul Horton – Nottinghamshire Police – Nottingham 2018

Chief Constable Craig Guildford Nottinghamshire Police and PC Paul Horton

Paul has been a police licensing officer for over 16 years, working in South Nottinghamshire. He currently works with three local licensing authorities and supports a total of 13 active Pubwatch schemes which provide an effective and comprehensive network.

He has been instrumental in setting up, developing and supporting the Pubwatches and attending most meetings, giving incident reports and assisting with admin issues without compromising the independent status and integrity of the schemes.

Significantly he was responsible for producing a Force-wide ‘photo policy’ in the days when sharing this type of data was considered difficult to manage.

One of Pauls practical initiatives included the production of window/ and door stickers and signs to be placed on lamp posts which warned customers of the consequences of ant-social behaviour. He has organised ‘nights of action’ supporting premises with drug walk through visits, testing for drugs and offering support and advice to deal with any issues arising.
He believes in the benefits of training licensees and their staff and has together with the various licensing authorities been responsible for a number of training initiatives, including providing the BIIAB Drug Awareness Course and inviting guest speakers to brief members on a range of subjects.

More recently Paul has been involved in an effective partnership initiative between Broxtowe Borough Council, police and local Pubwatch to reduce anti-social behaviour by issuing Community Protection Warnings to prolific offenders, which could be followed by Community Protection Notices enabling police to take effective enforcement action for breaches.

Licensee Phillipa McFadden of the Trent Bridge Inn says: “I have been the manager of the famous Trent Bridge Inn in West Bridgford for 4 years. Paul has always been very supporting of the pub and Pubwatch. We are in a unique position as part of our premises are in the Trent Bridge Cricket Ground and we are very close to Nottingham Forest Football ground. Both venues play a big part in our business. Paul is always on hand for these big sporting events and visits and supports us at this time. We are very well served by the local licensing team and Pubwatch which are vital to our operations”.

David Lucas Secretary of Nottingham City Pubwatch says: “I have known and worked with Paul for many years. One of the characteristics of the County licensing team is their wiliness to work in partnership with the industry and other key stakeholders. Paul epitomises that approach. Within his area Paul is required to deal with a wide range of licensed venues, from small take-aways to an international cricket ground and approaches them all with the same level of dedication and commitment”.

John Miley Broxtowe Licensing Manager says: “Paul is a shining example of excellence in partnership working and the sharing of best practice. A credit to the licensing team at Nottinghamshire Police”.

Susi Rhodes-Best Nottinghamshire Police County licensing manager says: “Paul is a passionate advocate of Pubwatch and attends or sends reports to 13 meetings. He has been involved in numerous Pubwatch initiatives and is very proud of the schemes and the contribution they have made to the reduction of incidents in licensed premises. Paul has shown a commitment to the schemes, well beyond the requirement of his role and this is reflected in the number of successful pubwatches in the area”.

Lisa Elder – Cumbria Police – Reading Conference 2017

lisa elder

Left to right: Francis Habgood Chief Constable Thames Valley Police and Lisa Elder

Lisa is employed as a Pubwatch Coordinator for West Cumbria area by Cumbria Police for the last 10 years. The role was developed by West Cumbria Community Safety Partnership to address the rising numbers of violent crime associated with licensed premises.

She has worked tirelessly in her role to forge relationships with licensees and to ensure that their partnership information sharing agreements and protocols are sound and decisions taken to share data are proportionate and consistent.

She has taken a practical approach to many of the issues affecting local licensees and the Pubwatch scheme. For example when a number of young people under 18 years of age had been arrested in connection with incidents linked to licensed premises, the pubwatch schemes agreed to send letters to their parents informing them that the individual concerned was not welcome in the pubs and clubs and that any such repeat of their child’s anti-social behaviour would lead to a ban that would formally begin on their 18th birthday.

At every opportunity she has championed the effectiveness of Pubwatch. Her role has brought her into contact with Home Secretaries, Police Minister and even former Prime Minister David Cameron who made a special journey to West Cumbria to attend a local pubwatch meeting.

At a time of financial cutbacks the effectiveness of her role has been such that the Police and Crime Commissioner has agreed to fund Lisa’s role and two further positions in the county to ensure the partnership continues.

Phil Tibble Chair of West Cumbria Community Safety Partnership says: “The pubwatch scheme in West Cumbria has become an example of best practice in Cumbria and other areas. She is trusted by the licensees, the local councils and the police. She often has to deal directly with members of the public who have been given sanctions and she does this in a professional and personable manner. Lisa has always shown a keen interest in finding out about the latest developments and research in areas in which she works and is often used as a resource by partner agencies. Her relationships with all partners in the CSP and other agencies is excellent and she is respected by all”.

Gary Slater Superintendent Cumbria Police says: “Lisa Elder has been the driving force in establishing, maintaining and developing this essential partnership in West Cumbria. Her foresight in introducing tailored information sharing agreements and robust but pragmatic policies governing the showing of photographs and the communication of pubwatch actions and decisions was instrumental in refining the schemes across West Cumbria. She personally built up the relationships needed across the widely differing communities to make pubwatch a success. Through her tireless energy, commitment and determination to bring about change, Lisa has enabled the partnership to effectively address alcohol related crime and disorder making our night time economies much safer and inviting to locals and visitors. I have no hesitation in supporting this nomination”.

Sir Tony Cunningham former MP for Workington (2001-2015) Says: “Lisa has spoken to Members of Parliament, including the Home Secretary, on a number of occasions and has never missed the opportunity of ‘selling’ pubwatch and its impact to them whenever and wherever she can. I know that because of her, pubwatch was the subject that became a common theme in discussions involving Crime and Disorder and the Night Time Economy. As a Member of Parliament for Workington I was very proud of what Lisa was able to achieve through her work in reducing violent crime and disorder linked to pubs and clubs and I welcome this opportunity of supporting her nomination for the award”.

Michelle Williamson – Durham Police – Reading Conference 2017

Michelle Williamson and Chief Constable Michael Barton Durham Police

Michelle was unable to attend the conference and her award was accepted on her behalf by Tim Robson. Official presentation was made by Chief Constable Michael Barton Durham Police at a later date.

Michelle is a Police Community Support Officer with Durham Constabulary. In 2011 she transferred to the newly developed Alcohol Harm Reduction Unit and at that time she started to work closely with the Pubwatch schemes in Consett, Stanley and Chester Le Street.

Michelle has taken a leading role in delivering a number of harm reduction initiatives which directly impact on customer safety. In 2015 following the rape a young female in Newcastle she was one of the main promoters of a vulnerability training campaign to educate licensees and door staff of the issues surrounding intoxicated customers. The training has been delivered to literally hundreds of venues in the North East.

Later when a number students tragically lost their life in Durham City due to drowning whilst under the influence of alcohol she incorporated this issue into her presentations and delivered training, not just to university students but others on the drinking circuit.

She also worked closely with the family of Kristian Thompson who suffered appalling brain injuries and later died of his injuries, to raise awareness of the ‘One punch kills’ campaign.

She has been involved in numerous other initiatives; from tackling legal highs to counter terrorism. She even organised the Pubwatch Christmas cards which are sent out to people on the banned list!

Michelle Gill Chair of Stanley Pubwatch says: “Michelle has been an invaluable asset to Stanley Pubwatch. She never refuses to help. Her enthusiasm and strength of commitment to our members is second to none”.

Alan Marshall Chair of Consett Pubwatch says: “I would just like to tell you how much we appreciate her support. She gives of her own time freely and really is the backbone of our scheme”.

Sergeant Mick Urwin of Durham Alcohol Harm Reduction Unit says: “Michelle has been active in promoting Consett Street Friends; liaising with Pubwatch to ensure they are supported and is actively doing the same in other Pubwatch areas. She has developed and delivered vulnerability training to door staff working in conjunction with Pubwatch and the SIA. She works tirelessly to make sure there is a good working partnership between Pubwatch and Durham Constabulary”.

PC Claire McNaney an Alcohol Harm Reduction Officer says: “Michelle is one of the most dedicated officers I know. Her commitment to her role in supporting Pubwatch is both inspiring and admirable; often working double shifts or staying back at the last minute; whether that be to deliver vulnerability training, promote One Punch North East or to assist with Street Friends. Michelle gave One Punch North East a great deal of time and effort, in reaching out to local Pubwatches and encouraging them to promote the cause in their premises. Michelle is a well-liked, highly regarded officer who I am proud to work with”.

 Inspector Nick Semper, West Mercia Police – Sheffield 2016

Nick Semper has been nominated for this award by Dan Guerche Chairman of the Hereford Pubwatch Scheme.

Nick Semper

Inspector Nick Semper and Chief Constable David Crompton

Nick has been a Police officer for 29 years and is currently a Police Inspector for Hereford City Centre. One of his responsibilities is to deal with the licensing issues relating to a diverse range of pubs, clubs and off-licences. He has been praised for his efforts to promote and support the work of the local Pubwatch scheme.

Dan says: “Nick really understands the licensed trade and the difficulties involved in running pubs and clubs. It is his understanding of the trade and realisation that pubs and clubs don’t commit the crimes themselves but are just trying to run a business and in fact suffer crime committed against the venues, customers and staff”.

During the years I have known Nick, in my capacity as Pubwatch Chairman; he has been supportive in my endeavours and was brave enough to pilot an ‘alcohol awareness referral scheme’ for persons who might otherwise be excluded from entering licensed premises. With his help and guidance the scheme has proved a great success in the City and has attracted a great deal of interest across the country’.

He has also taken the lead for bringing the street pastors to Hereford, but not just any old street pastor’s – he has taken the principles of Christian good will and injected a good shot of Whiskey to them! Due to Nicks hard work Hereford Street pastors have a tailor made venue to look after the lost souls of Herefords Night Time economy which has its own triage area. One of the first of its kind in the UK where our A&E department will actually send minor injuries to the Street Pastors to look after!

Nick has also worked hard on the “Safe Here” project where some venues in the Night Time Economy are now refuge spots for people who may be in distress and need basic assistance.

He has also taken the lead on Operation Castlemain – which focused on day time street drinker’s, alcohol related Anti Social Behaviour, aggressive begging as well as the life threatening situations faced by some of these people. He was instrumental in changing the way Hereford looked after vulnerable alcoholics in the day time”.

Dan says that: “As a Nightclub Manager of 20 years he finds Nick to be the most forward thinking and inspirational Police officer he has ever worked with; whose dynamic thinking and problem solving initiatives are a constant and pleasant surprise”.

His nomination was supported by Paul Neades General Manager of Yates Hereford who said: “Nick has been instrumental in driving new ideas within the city and has taken partnership working to the next level. His enthusiasm has created bonds across the city which has helped Hereford prepare for growth in a safe and secure environment”

Andy Walsh a local door supervisor said: “A man whose vision and enthusiasm for a better and safer night time economy has inspired and given confidence to those that work alongside him to achieve the same goal. He always has time to answer questions, give guidance and advice”.

And lastly Steve Scully the Street Pastor Coordinator said “Working in consultation with many partners in the Night Time Economy Nick’s impact in making Hereford a safe place to be has been huge. Holistic in approach Nick was instrumental on bringing Street Pastors to Hereford and has been unwavering in his support over the last three years. Nick is an Inspector who is able to visualise and deliver the bigger picture to the benefit of all”.

Trevor Hooper – Thames Valley Police – Cheltenham 2015

Trevor is a former Thames Valley Police Officer, having served for many years in the Criminal Investigation Department. For the last 16 years he has been employed as a Licensing Officer for the Aylesbury and Chiltern Police Areas of Thames Valley.


Trevor Hooper

(Suzette Davenport, Chief Constable of Gloucestershire & Trevor Hooper)

He has been nominated by colleague Diane Brown a Watch Schemes and Community Messaging Coordinator. She states that throughout his time as Licensing Officer he has given unlimited support and guidance to the local Pubwatch Schemes, particularly the Aylesbury Watch whilst maintaining a professional impartiality. Aylesbury is a long running scheme established in 1995 which has been a finalist and award winner in national licensing awards run by the Publicans Morning Advertiser and received a Highly Commended in the 2013 Diageo National Pubwatch Awards. The scheme greatly assisted the town’s successful application for Purple Flag status.

He works closely with licensees, council and police colleagues, enabling a joined up approach to problem solving and issues affecting the night time economy. For example in recent years he has worked with the local Police Neighbourhood Team in the running of drug dog operations in the town centre; securing valuable funding and gaining licensee agreement and support for the operational deployment of the dogs. In a similar manner he has also been instrumental in the organisation of knife arch operations and the use of a drug ‘itemizer’ machine.

In partnership with Pubwatch members and neighbourhood officers he coordinated an operation to tackle underage drinking and the use of false ID. This included presentations to local schools and college, radio advertising, posters and procedures to deal with fraudulent /misused ID which had been seized by door staff.

He was instrumental in the setting up of a new digital radio scheme, liaising closely with the radio providers and the town’s business crime scheme to ensure a cost effective and seamless transition from the old radio link. He secured funding for the first year of the radio rental for Pubwatch members from a community safety fund.

Aylesbury Town Neighbourhood Inspector Kelly Glister says “I wish to add my personal support for this nomination. The activities of the Aylesbury Pubwatch scheme contributes greatly to maintaining the low level of crime and ASB we suffer in the night time economy. I have no doubt that Trevor’s support for their activities is a significant factor in their success and longevity. At a time of reduced funding, the work of voluntary partnerships such as Pubwatch is a crucial element in how we maintain a safe town centre and I believe that Trevor’s work in supporting the scheme over many years should be acknowledged”.

Peter Seal Licensing Services Manager for Aylesbury Vale District Council says “I’ve worked closely with Trevor for 14 years and have always been impressed by his tireless enthusiasm to improve the night time economy year on year. His proactive support for the local Pubwatch scheme and its efforts to reduce alcohol related anti-social behaviour has been one of the mainstays and most successful of the towns crime reduction partnership work over many years. Without Trevor’s professional approach the District Councils efforts to make the town a safer and more pleasant environment would not have been so successful”.

Richard Higgin – Cumbria Police Manchester 2014

Sergeant Richard (Dusty) Higgin has been the liaison officer involved with Carlisle City Pubwatch Scheme for the past 10 years. He has attended every single meeting, bar one, during this period; even when off duty and giving feely of his own time. He is extremely committed to the ethos of the scheme and works hard to encourage members to actively participate, whilst always remaining impartial.


Richard Higgin

Sir Peter Fahy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police, Richard Higgin

 At an early stage of his attendance at Pubwatch meetings he realised that there was an absence of cohesion amongst members and suggested that the scheme introduce a committee system with an elected chair person and that there should be regular meetings. This was adopted and the scheme now meets on a regular monthly basis. He was instrumental in the introduction of a computerised photograph poster system to improve the sharing of images of people banned from the scheme. He also forged links with Carlisle United to deal with the problems caused by football fans in licensed premises on match days.

He was also heavily involved in the introduction of Best Bar None in Carlisle, which is now in its sixth year and was the driving force behind the introduction of Street Pastors and Taxi Marshalls, both of which were projects that he was able to secure funding from the City Pubwatch Scheme.

Bothergate is in the centre of Carlisle and is the traditional heart of the cities nightlife scene with huge numbers of people moving between pubs and clubs at weekends. In 2008 during a peak time when many people were on the street, a pedestrian was tragically killed in Bothergate by a passing motor vehicle. This followed a number of near misses on a stretch of road that was considered to very dangerous to people using the town centre at night. Richard was instrumental in the introduction of a road closure in Bothergate, between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. A subsequent police survey revealed that people felt that the ‘road closure’ had created more room on the street, eased tensions, reduced disorder and made them feel safer. Feedback from the Pubwatch members helped make the road closure a permanent feature

 Inspector Andy Hanson Neighbourhood Policing Team says “Richard has been instrumental in the set-up and implementation of Pubwatch in Carlisle, particularly for the pubs and clubs in the City centre. The scheme has shown a positive impact on the night time economy over the past 3 years and there has been a 19% reduction in City centre alcohol related violent crime. He has encouraged licensed premises to embrace the scheme, offering help and support to those that have been unsure about its processes. The scheme is flourishing and well supported with a number of problem individuals having been banned.”

 Superintendent Sean Robinson says, “Richard has made a huge difference for almost a decade through his commitment to Pubwatch in Carlisle. He has engaged and sustained partnership and cohesion within the scheme, which has made a huge difference in terms of reduction of violent crime, alcohol related crime and anti-social behaviour, which ultimately resulted in the City centre being much safer. This work cannot be underestimated in terms of supporting regeneration in a vibrant city centre in the current economic climate. He has also played a big part in supporting schemes and colleagues in other areas; in particular Eden. Richard’s commitment dedication, passion and professionalism, is a real credit to both himself and Cumbria Constabulary”.

 Mike Vose the Chair of Carlisle City Pubwatch says “I have been involved with Carlisle Pubwatch for over 10 years and remember when Sergeant Dusty Higgins started attending the Committee meetings. Right from the off you could tell he would listen and absorb information and had a wonderful calm persona. Over the years he has been the voice of reason, and has never failed to help when we have asked for advice. His professionalism, his readiness to listen, and his smile have earned him the respect of the licensed trade City wide and I think it would be fair to say that the Carlisle Pubwatch scheme would not be as effective without the help and support he gives us”.

 And finally National Pubwatch Regional Representative Joe Murray says “This award is a tribute to the memory of Malcolm Eidmans QPM, a man who dedicated many years of his life working for the Pubwatch cause. Sergeant Richard Higgin is someone who I firmly believe Malcolm would wholeheartedly endorse because he has also worked tirelessly over many years to support, assist and advise the pub and hospitality trade in a busy city centre Pubwatch scheme and its surrounding areas. His commitment and enthusiasm is without question and he is a worthy recipient of the award”

David Colthup – Cheshire Constabulary – Birmingham 2013

David is a former Police officer who first became involved with Pubwatch whilst working for Cheshire Constabulary as a Community Safety Officer in the Congleton and Vale Royal areas.

Dave Colthup

(L-R DCC David Thompson, David Colthup and Sue Eidmans).

Not long after taking up his role he became aware of concerns raised by the Race Equality Council in relation to the banning of a member of the travelling community. In response to their concerns he helped to produce a comprehensive pack for the local Pubwatch scheme which detailed sample minutes, a banning guidance template and standardised warning, banning and appeals letters and procedures. The package met with approval from the Race Equality Council and is now used extensively across Cheshire and beyond.

For several years he has attended local Pubwatch groups to give presentations on drugs issues and he has also delivered BIIAB National Certificate Training in substance abuse at Cheshire College. With Pubwatch in mind he developed Acceptable Behaviour and Drug Safe retention policies for clubs in Vale Royal. The policies included guidance on the employment of trained and accredited staff, a transparent search and admissions policy in relation to the possession of drugs and offensive weapons and a care plan to ensure the safety and welfare of customers.

Dave is currently the Police Licensing Intelligence Officer in West Cheshire and in this role he acts as their gatekeeper for the release of photographs to several Pubwatch schemes. He regularly updates schemes with current crime trends and suspect individuals. His prompt circulations have helped Pubwatch members avoid falling victim to commonly used scams and the recent surge in the theft of mobile phones.

He can be relied upon to produce a poster or leaflet or idea for any particular issue. ‘The Don’t  Scam or You’ll Get a Ban’ for fruit machines was perhaps one of his least catchy efforts, although his ‘Don’t Pay as it Goes’ for a mobile phone initiative runs it a close second!

Chief Superintendent Phil Jones of Cheshire Constabulary says “From our perspective Pubwatch is a key partner in improving public safety in the area, particularly the night time economy. It’s one of the best examples of Partnership working in action and is making a real difference to our communities.

But like most partnerships it’s the individuals who make a real difference. Dave has been a central player in developing the support and trust across the partnership which has made a real impact on local crime and disorder. On a regular basis he goes beyond what is expected of him in his role. We have seen a significant decline in violent crime and the public disorder associated with licensed premises and whilst there are many factors at play I believe that the work of Dave and Pubwatch is central to the success.

I am absolutely delighted that Dave has won this award and I endorse everything that is said about him. He is reliable and quietly efficient, he just gets on with the job of making the area safer for the community and the work he does fully deserves local and national recognition”.